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Translation and Interpreting

What is translation?

It is a production of a new written text in other language, but which expresses the original text as accurately as possible.

What is Interpreting?

It is a production of a new oral text in other language, but which expresses the original text as accurately as possible.

What can you translate?

I can translate from practically any electronic format, where possible maintaining the exact format and layout of the original document.

Can you translate my website?

Certainly. I can even work directly in the source code of your website. On request, we can also upload your files direct to the Web, ready for navigation.

Do you work with Audiovisual Translation?

Yes, however it will speed up the process and reduce the cost if you have a written script in the original language.

How much does a translation cost?

Every language project is different and the cost of a translation or interpreting assignment will depend on several factors such as:

  • the degree of difficulty (special field, terminology)
  • technical degree of difficulty (readability, software requirements, etc.)
  • volume
  • deadline (normal or rush job)
Simply send me your text and I will gladly prepare a free, no obligation quote for you!

How can I get a quote?

Translation - Please send me your text and the following information:

  • Target reader
  • Any particular glossaries or style guides that need to be considered
  • Required delivery date
  • Your full contact details (e-mail, phone, billing address)

Interpreting - Please send me the following information:

  • Date and time of the event
  • Type and topic of the event
  • Number of participants if applicable
  • Language

Send the information to the e-mail: For other projects you can use the contact form here

Is there a minimum order size or price?

There is no minimum order size. However, if you order a translation of fewer than 100 words, we will apply the price of a 100-word translation to cover the production costs.

How can I pay?

You can pay in cash or by bank transfer. The payment is required within 5 days after the delivering of the translated document. For large orders we ask a 50% payment in advance.

What is localization?

Localization (sometimes known as L10n) is the process of modifying a product (a software program, website or document) for an audience in a different country, culture or region of the world. Localization is more complex than translation because it involves cultural adaptation and requires in-depth knowledge of the local culture.

English Classes

For information about English classes, please contact us through our contact form here or contact us by e-mail at I have some monthly plans that can suit your needs.

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